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Swivel With Purge & Leak Detection

Swivels have the following customized options available
Leak detection ports
Nitrogen purge ports to keep swivels dry
Jacket ports for steam and hot oil
Ptfe lined swivels for harch or corrosive chemical
Split flange style for easy replacement of seals
Lifting lugs
Drain ports

The following custom tests can be done on swivels

Hydro tests for leaks
X-ray to test for weld integrity
Sharpy impact tests for very cold temps
Dye penetrant to test for weld integrity

The following documentation is available

Material certificates
X-ray test certificate
X-ray film reports [for onsite inspections only]
Pressure test certificates [air or hydro]
Certificate of origin certificate
Certificate of conformance / compliance
Iom (construction, operation, maintenance) manuals