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The gauge isolation ring is designed to isolate gauges or pressure switches from solids in process flow and to ensure accurate pressure readings. The isolation ring utilizes a specifically designed flush-mounted flexible inner cylinder, behind which is a clean captive liquid. As a process flows through the pipe, it exerts pressure through the flexible cylinder to the captive liquid. Pressure is monitored by the gauge or switch which is completely isolated from process flow.
Gauge is in contact only with captive liquid and never directly with the process fluid. Isolating the gauge from solids in process flows results in accurate readings. Gauge can be removed for calibration, repair or replacement, without interrupting process flow. Unique flexible cyldiner prevents plugging, which means pressure readings are more reliable and accurate. Incidental design eliminate accidental breakage. Adaptable to a variety of process conditions and applications. Will not clog (with is not true of diaphram seals).
Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel
Assembly Flanges:
Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel
2" through 12"
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