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Fixed Point Level Sensor

Intelligent electronics save time and money.
No calibration or set point adjustments for most applications
Ignores changes in diaelectric or conductivity
Automatically recognizes and ignores coatings to prevent false alarms.
Universal power supply automatically detects & adjusts to input power source Diverse application
Detects the absense or presence of liquids, slurries, and granulars
Capable of high pressures and temperatures.
Economical without sacrifice
Retains superior performance
Less maintenance than other technologies; no moving parts to hang up or Wear out.
Dpdt relay dry contacts at 5a, 120vac.
Remote or integral electronics.
These electronics can be remote mounted to a convenient or safe location Universal power supply.
Unit can be powered from 19 to 250vac or 18 to 200 vdc supply without moving Jumpers.