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Sight Flow Indicator Threaded

Sight flow indicator models
1400 series:
Standard pressure
Standard temperature
1500 series:
High pressure
High pressure
Sight flow indicators provide a quick, reliable and economical
Way to verify flow and monitor color and clarity in fluid lines.
Sight flows carry full ansi ratings to ensure maximum
Reliability in harsh operating environments.
Sight flow standard features
1] full ansi ratings up to 400 psi
2] maintenance free design
Independently bolted glass retainers eliminate the need
For routine torquing maintenance
3] dimensionally interchangeable: flanged units
4] rated for full vacuum service
5] four indicator styles:
A] propeller: ideal for observation from a distance
B] bi directional: indicates both flow and direction
C] bi directional plain: when color and clarity are of
Prime importance.
D] drip tube: for vertical lines, ideal for gravity, low flow