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Cuisinart WeighMate Digital Kitchen Scale KS-55

SKU: CUIKS-55 $39.99
This versatile digital scale quickly provides accurate measurements for all your favorite recipes and the removable stainless steel platform cover ensures easy, convenient cleaning. Versatile Weighing Options Weigh food directly on the platform or use the stainless steel cover for sanitary food handling. Imperial and metric Modes Scale offers acurate readings in imperial or metric mode. Easy View Digital Readout Large LCD screen is easy to read at a glance. Add'n Weigh Features Tare function allows you to weigh multiple ingredients without starting from scratch. Weigh directly on the platform or use bowl. Maximum Capacity - High Precision Scale weighs up to 11lbs/5kg. Precise 1/8oz/1g increments. Batteries Included
Category:Cooking Aids