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Branson Backhoe Packages Now 4 Sizes Under 25HP for Any Needs

Branson now has 4 sizes of tractor loader backhoe under the 25 hp mark. One for any size property. All sizes now have auto throttle hydrostatic as standard, and all cary Bransons 6 year warranty (7 years on 2205H). 2 range transmission on 2205/2505, 3 range in 2610/2515. All units have free thumb promotion on backhoe. Pick your size and pick your payment. Payments quoted are the lowest possible with NO money down and all taxes and fees included. 2205H TLB operating weight 2653 lbs $239/M, 2505H TLB operating weight 2830 lbs $272/M, 2610H TLB operating weight 3402 lbs $320/M, 2515H operating weight 5362 lbs $340/M.