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We rarely sell a system without at least a phone consultation first. We know it can be confusing choosing the proper system, let us help you choose the best system for your application. 

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Divertron 1200 Rainwater Pump

SKU: DIVP1200 $700.00
Multi-stage powerful submersible pumps with electronic control system, ideal for rain water systems, operating sprinklers, pumping water from tanks, cisterns, ponds and wells and other applications that require high pressure.
Available with 3 or 4 impellers. Suitable to pump clear water.

* Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor
* Equipped with dry-run protection and built-in non return check valve
* Easy to use

* No wiring or pump start relay required for irrigation systems
* High reliability
* High performance 4-stage pump design
* Supplied with 48 Ft. power cord
* 115V A/C, 10 Amps Max.
* Equipped with stainless steel intake screen
* 157' Max Total Dynamic Head (TDH)
* Up to 25 GPM
* Up to 64 PSI
* CSA Approved
Dimensions: 5.9" Dia. X 18.9" H
Weight: 24lb

The Divertron 1200 pump- Has electronic 1Hp Multi-stage Submersible Pump with 4 impellers. Suitable to pump clear water. Manufactured with anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials. Motor with thermic overload protection. Wear resistant shaft. Anti-debris stainless steel strainer. CSA and UL approved.
The excellent cooling of the motor that enables the pump to operate even when it is partially submerged. Starts & stops by sensing the flow and pressure in the syetm.Supplied with a 48 ft power cable with plug, non return valve and 4-step fitting.