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CP-Carrillo BBC5310-STD-8 - CP Pistons Bullet Series Piston and Ring Kits

SKU: 5310-STD-8 $647.00
Bore (in): 4.500 in.
Bore (mm): 107.950mm
Piston Style: Dome, with two valve reliefs
Piston Material: Forged aluminum
Compression Distance (in): 1.275 in.
Dome Height (in): 0.250 in.
Piston Head Volume (cc): -24.90cc
Wrist Pin Style: Press-fit or floating
Pin Diameter (in): 0.990 in.
Gapless: No
File Fit: Yes
Top Ring Thickness: 1/16 in.
Top Ring Material: Ductile iron
Top Ring Facing Material: Plasma-moly
Second Ring Thickness: 1/16 in.
Second Ring Material: Cast iron
Second Ring Facing Material: Phosphate coated
Oil Ring Thickness: 3/16 in.
Oil Ring Tension: Standard
Quantity: Sold as a set of 8.

Low cost means low quality, right? Not so! Bullet series pistons from CP Pistons will have you rethinking that thought. Offered at an affordable price, these high-quality pistons incorporate everything that has made CP an industry leader--extensive research, computer-designed forgings, tight tolerances, and rigorous quality control. Having Bullet series pistons means that you no longer have to compromise high performance, even on a tight budget. CP Pistons Bullet series pistons are manufactured from 2618 alloy for strength and durability.

Additional features include:
* Piston balance 1 gram
* Dual forced pin oilers
* Contact reduction grooves
* Accumulator groove
* Contemporary high performance ring sets
* Forged side relief
* Chromoly wrist pins with wire locks
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