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Thank you for contributing to GACCS, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Our primary funding source is from those that chose to give as they benefit from information and services shared. Your donations make it possible for us to offer a variety of outreach services to the community and goes toward trainings and workshops for teens and adults. We provide individual and group counseling for free, as well as biblical counseling training and workshops and mentoring services.

Donate online using our easy process or send donations directly to GACCS, Pontiac Trail, Ste.337 Wixom, MI 48393. Tax statements are provided for all contributions.

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The Burgess Scholarship Foundation was developed to encourage several graduating seniors and first-year undergrad students that would benefit from $1000 or $500 financial assistance. These funds will be used towards reaching a determined positive goal in a field of higher education or other training, which may not necessarily be college. Selection will be made based on the completed application and essay score by the Scholarship Committee. The awardee will be selected from eligible candidates with the highest scores. For complete information, go to https://www.gaccs.org/Scholarship-and-Educational-Opportunities.html. Your donation will be used to incentivize our people that generally would not qualify for any scholarship but are determined to reach their positive goal.