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Garry's Ultra Wash (32 oz)

SKU: G182 $11.99
Garry’s Ultra Wash is a biodegradable and environmentally safe option for this application. [NOTE: Continue using Garry’s Ultra wash as a boat cleaning tool between a periodic compound and waxing routines as it will not remove existing surface wax]. Start by lathering up areas at the top of the boat, working your way down. Working from the top to the bottom of the boat will keep suds from running over the already cleaned areas, which would then have to be rinsed again. Lather only one area at a time; if you lather the entire boat, the suds will dry and cause you to have to rewash the cleaned areas again to prevent streaking. After lathering, use your scrub brush to remove any dirt and grime before rinsing. To prevent water spots during the boat cleaning process, use chamois cloths or dry, soft towels to dry off any moisture after washing. Now, the final touch: applying the wax.
Category:Clean & Wax


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