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Garry's ROYAL SATIN ONE-STEP Cleaner Wax (10oz)

SKU: G26 $14.95
GARRY'S ROYAL SATIN ONE-STEP Automotive wax The Professional’s choice has been recognized as a premium wax product for its ease of application/removal for over 40 years. Garry’s Royal Satin is an economical high quality alternative to the high priced wax products currently in the marketplace. GARRY'S ROYAL SATIN’S Creamy Paste texture with a blend of multi-wax & cleaners is a signature for quality. Garry’s non-gritty natural creamy smooth texture and liquid formula allows an easy-on, easy-off application which provides a long lasting protection against fading, chalking, oxidation and UV exposure. Garry’s ultra blend of Carnauba and Hydro-Polymers guarantees restoration and shine.


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