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08. Golf Ball Size Circular Cut

SKU: 10-1000-100CC $199.00

Available in Colors: Navy, Black, and Chocolate Brown

Call for huge savings on bulk orders of quantities greater than 100 ct.!!

Fits most classroom furniture leg bases of 1.25" or less that have swivel-like or stationary glides.

*Please note the circular opening is approximately the size of a US nickel. Slits can be cut on either size of the hole opening for possible expansion on a little larger leg base. May have application on some chair furniture leg bases with a narrow non tapered leg that has a 3/4" or less round base.

Recommended for chair bases only due to its small size and cut.

  • Quality: Thicker polyester blend outer covering
  • Durability: 4mm thick inner core-not synthetic that won't crack, split nor fall off
  • Cost Effective: Competitively priced. Cut down on your maintenance costs.
  • Safety: Precut- No tools necessary. Non allergenic!!
  • Functionality: Totally protects flooring from scratch marks and eliminates any noise factors when furniture is moved about. Great for hearing impaired students!
  • Attractiveness: Much smaller than the regular precut tennis ball. Darker color options that show less dirt.