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Textbook V3: Cancer Biology and Dietary Factors, Color Copy

SKU: $245.00
This textbook will provide our readers with insights on cancer, science, and nutrition. It begins with a discussion of xenobiotic residues, which are present in food and cancer, and then moves on to a detailed discussion of the study and science of phytochemicals that are responsible for preventing cancer. Additional discussions delve into cancer biomarkers and strategies for early diagnosis, a variety of foods and their cancer-preventive properties, and various dietary factors that increase or decrease cancer risk. In order to get the most out of this textbook, it is recommended to read each chapter thoroughly and review the summaries that are included after each chapter. These summaries have condensed the chapters into several main points and help the reader put the concepts into perspective. In addition, the reader should complete the end of chapter questions to maximize information retention. Both supplements will aid readers in studying and comprehending the material. The alphabetized glossary at the end of the textbook provides definitions for terms that have been conveniently highlighted in the chapters. This book is the collective work of 22 scientists, 17 universities, medical organizations, and food organizations across the globe. Please note, we do not accept returns of any books, unless the book is defective. If you received a damaged, defective, or incorrect item, you could request a replacement through Your Orders.
Category:Books, Textbooks