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Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases: Science and Practice (Volume 8)

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Each year since 2004, the Functional Foods Center has held international conferences under the series “Functional Foods for the Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases”. The 8th International conference will be held on March 15-17 2011, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas is entitled, “Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases: Science and Practice.” Main conference topics include: the role of nutrition in chronic diseases, as well as the creation of functional products for the prevention and management of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Scientific sessions will cover these main aspects of chronic diseases: 1. Functional Foods for Diabetes 2. Functional Foods for Obesity 3. Functional Foods for Cardiovascular Diseases 4. Functional Foods for Cancer 5. Functional Foods in Health and Disease 6. Functional Food Products as Therepeutics The expanding research and demand of functional foods brings together research scientists, food manufacturers, and consumers who are committed to this issue through modern achievements of surgical approaches and potential of drug therapy, where particular emphasis is placed on the unresolved problems of pharmaceutical side effects. The urgency of modern society to deal with chronic illnesses is stressed in this book as well as the need for the creation of functional foods with a view to prevent and manage countless chronic diseases. Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases: Science and Practice Proceedings of the 8th International Conference Edited by Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD
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