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Monthly Shipment Of Treats (re-occuring)

SKU: $20.99
The simplest and easiest way to get your Freddy's Finest Treats delivered right to your door, every month! Plus, by ordering the Monthly Shipment of Treats, you save over $1 per bag, every bag. That's over a $12 savings, not to mention the cost of shipping! Here is how it works. Every Month, Freddy picks three flavors to send you by the 5th of every month. Freshly made treats, packaged and shipped right to your door! Act now and order before April 30, 2017 and the shipping is Free for your first 4-month order! You can increase your order at anytime to save on shipping and only pay the standard cost per bag of $8 each, plus tax. Place your order once and your treats are delivered every month for 4 consecutive months. Your account will conveniently be charged on the 1st of every month automatically. If after 4 months you want to cancel, simply go online and cancel your order by indicating such on the contact page. That's all there is to it! Plus, each season Freddy will customize the shape of your dogs treats to make them always fun and delicious. If you choose not to cancel your delivery, before the 5th of the final delivery month, your 4-month order will continue for another 4 months. No hassle, easy monthly payments and a dog that's happy and healthier, enjoying Freddy's Finest Treats delivered every month!