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Drilling Fluid Additive #12

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-Inhibits bit-balling by improving bit cleaning and maximizing the release of sticky, gummy cuttings from the surface of the bit. -Reduces bottom hole assembly sticking/balling from clays and reactive formations. -Reduces chances of plugging the flow-line in the shallower, clay-rich, exceptionally high penetration rate sections of wells. -Provides alkalinity to drilling fluid resulting in less caustic having to be mixed by the rig crew to activate thinners, provide ph for anti-corrosion properties, etc. -Mixes easily and is easily measured as a powdered solid in all water-based drilling fluids. -Does not ferment and actually lessens the chances of bacteria contaminations. Less Downtime Less Torque Less Drag Less Frequent trips Higher rate of penetration Cheaper, Faster, More efficient well