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America: Love It Buy It Change It

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This book is aimed at achieving personal and national economic, and therefore, social justice. The first three steps are devoted to your personal finances: Understanding and enhancing your relationship to money, understanding financial basics and working with others to increase your financial leverage, as follows: Step One: Gain Money Self- Awareness. Step Two: Achieve Financial Literacy. Step Three: Collaborate With Others For Wealth Building. The fourth step is a brief overview of the history and structure of our corporate and banking systems and details methods for working within these systems to steer our economy and politics towards a more just and equitable balance - Step Four: Achieving Wealth and Social Justice For All. It reverses the financial flow back to the many from the few. It's a practical "How to" workbook filled with humor, relevant quotes from great historical figures, ice cream financial analogies and personal stories designed to make the book a good read as well as be informative.