Lectron Pro Lipo 3S 5200mah 50C w/ Deans

SKU: LP3S520050C $49.99 $47.00 You Save: $2.99

Designed for guys who want to push their brushless vehicles to the limit, this 3S battery lets you take full advantage of your power system. Features a huge capacity for extended run times, and a 50C rating for lots of power. Best of all, our compact high-efficiency cells help make this battery about the same size as a typical 2S 5000mah hardcase lipo, meaning it fits in places most other 3S batteries can't and offers a huge weight savings as well. This battery features a high-current EC5 connector, making it perfect for Pro Boats, EDF jets, 1/10-scale cars and trucks, larger sport-flying airplanes and more.

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