H.A.R.D Cheng-Ho XL Monster Truck Hauler Bag w/Wheels H9051

SKU: H9051 $190.00
The new HARD Racing Cheng-Ho XL Hauler Bag - 1/8 Monster Truck Bag - is the largest bag of our High Quality Cheng-Ho bags. Perfectly sized to carry your 1/8 Monster Truck to your track field, it also could be used for any other usage. This bag is also used by racers to carry their RC material to the races over the world by airplane. Main Features: -78.7x33x43cm -Modern & Stylish appearance -High quality material -Three extra large and durable wheels -Specially made zipper for safety locker -Super large space for storage -Easy-cleaning material -Made with extremely durable 1000 Denier nylon ULTRA STRONG and ULTRA DURABLE: HARD Racing bags are made in ultra durable and strong material, that will provide you transport bag you can keep for years. HARD Racing bag quality is always copied, never matched.

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