Arrma Notorious 2018 6S BLX 1/8 Monster Stunt Truck BUNDLE BLUE ONLY

SKU: 050809 $599.99 $550.00 You Save: $49.99

The Arrma Notorious 6S Classic Stunt Truck features vintage truck looks plus outrageous stunt action. With a 60+ mph top speed, the Notorious is fast and is a blast to drive! To increase the truck’s sensitivity to throttle and brake input, ARRMA designers specified a short wheelbase and large diameter, chunky tread Back Flip tires from dBoots. This helps make back flips, front flips, and similar stunts a snap to perform. There’s also a wheelie bar for long, controlled wheelies, and a strong center body support for protection during inverted action. A sturdy wing guards the rear of the body and improves stability during sprints.

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