eHeavenly Blessing Formula



Welcome to the Heavenly Blessing Formula®


A truly magical Feng Shui Formula!


This is a Consultation that Gayle calculates and does for you personally and then you install the remedies required yourself into your home or office - based upon the floor plan you provide us with.


During the purchase process there is the opportunity to upload your floor plan - which allows our office to book in your consultation.


After we receive your Floor Plan, Birth date, email and street address via our upload system, Gayle calculates the formula for your consultation, overlays it over your floor plan and then schedules an online meeting with you.


During the Online Meeting Gayle she will record a video so you have an eternal record.


After this, you will install the recommended remedies into the positions outlined in your consultation - at your own leisure.


Please Note: we do not book anyone in until we have all your details ie floor plan, birth dates, etc.


Each booking is made on a first come, first serve basis.


After you have uploaded all your information, our office will contact you via email to schedule your consultation.


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