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FeatherBrite LED 6w Daytime Full Spectrum Bulb

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Our FeatherBrite 6w LED bulb is designed with the newest technology and you will not find this bulb anywhere except here at FeatherBrite. This bulb is 5500 kelvin on the color scale. There are no UV's in this bulb....just the perfect daylight that they enjoy.

This 6 watt LED 5500k daytime bulb gives off no heat and does NOT contain any mercury. It does not contain any UV. You now need the UV bulb which is separate for your bird to get the necessary benefits of UV

It is 660 lumens (like a 60w incandescent bulb or 18w cfl bulb) and a rated life of 30,000 hours. We do recommend replacing annually as some of the LED bulbs can dull.

Along with the LED full spectrum bulb, our UV LED Blue bulb should be used. Both bulbs can be used during normal daytime hours. So no worries, your pet bird can have the best of the best with FeatherBrite.

We believe these are the best bulb for the birds. Great for African Greys, Amazons, Lovebirds, Conures, Finches, all types of parrots and birds!

The FeatherBrite 6w LED full spectrum bulb will fit any standard socket. The FeatherBrite UV bulb has a candelabra base. If you have our Capitol model light, the conversion kit that we have put together will give your pet the beneficial lighting that they need.

For our Canadian friends, our bulb and lights are available @ www.theparrotshop.ca and www.parrot trends.ca, and on the west coast, www.wctropicalbird.com

These bulbs cannot be used with a dimmer switch.


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