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Counseling Here Please Thank You

We are happy to help.  We provide you with a free brief telephone assessment consultation to see if the counseling service may be right for your personal needs.  We also take insurances.  We provide Web Counseling with Facetime.

30 minutes counseling session Faith Christian Ministry, Pastoral Counseling. One hour counseling session Faith Christian Ministry, Pastoral Counseling.  Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist Diploma, Certification. in Eating Disorders. Pastoral counseling, focus on Spirituality, Seeking God's Will Biblical, Ministry with a Holistic approach. Trauma and Emotions, Shame, Temperament Counseling, Co-dependent, Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs, Cognitive, Anger, Stress, Gestalt, Behavior Modification, Client-Centered, Individual, Couples, Premarital, and Family Therapy, Marriage Therapy, Divorce/Blended Marriage, Marriage Burnout. Loneliness, Releasing Stress, Burnout's, Frustration, and Anxiety. Self-Care, and Self-Esteem, and Grieving- Counseling. Coping Skills, Relationship Issues, Men & Women Issues, Mood Disorders, Career Counseling. See below to give and to set up a counseling session: contact page

How It Works
Online counseling session by Phone call or Office.

Security Anonymity
Live Person users maintain anonymity within a completely safe and secure platform. Our online counseling takes place in a private and strictly confidential environment, providing a higher level of anonymity than traditional face-to-face counseling. Since there is no chance to run into a familiar face when meeting. Your anonymity and privacy is secured, as long as it doesn’t hurt or harm children, others and yourself. In addition, all gifts via are transmitted over a secure connection.

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