03. SK-3


Completely wireless, internal battery or AC powered
Responds to Amazon Alexa voice commands
Ultra Hi-Fi Wi-Fi audio quality
State-of-the-art Class D amplification
Dual Woofer three speaker design
Deep, rich sound quality
Plays music from Wi-Fi, Alexa Blue tooth 4.0 or Micro SD cards
Easy to use MUZO play app for IOS & Android
Stream CD quality music from phones/tablets
Uninterrupted audio with phone calls or games
Control multiple SK3 units from one wireless device
Multi-room streaming or all zone streaming
Left/right or stereo speaker selection
Also supports two units linked in stereo
Supports all the most popular On-line music streaming services
Set up playlists, sleep timers or alarms
Virtual tuner with 1000's of internet radio stations
Supports AirPlay and DLNA
Line input for adding additional music sources

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