13. QR-4000N


Quad 500MHz UHF wireless microphone system
Four independent True Dual Diversity transmitters/receivers
Long range (dropout free) reception
Includes 4 x professional microphones
Cardioid pickup pattern (HH mics)
Integrated ON/OFF/MUTE switches
Two all metal handheld mics and two beltpack transmitters/headset mics
Mix and match any combination of microphones
Microphones are compatible with Factor Presenter Series wireless PA systems
Rechargeable AA battery operation
Includes two HC-92 mic charging cradles
Excellent feedback rejection
Infrared microphone auto sync function
Four balanced XLR outputs plus balanced
Internal mix buss provides single mix output bal/unbal with Mic/Line level control
Receiver chassis with all metal construction
Quad LCD displays
Includes rack mounting kit and 2 antennas
Includes 8 x AA rechargeable batteries
Includes power supply
Optional Accessories:
TNC-1M (pair of UHF extension cables mounts the antennas on the front rack kit)
TNC-8M (pair of 8m / 25' TNC extension cables to mount antennas away from the receiver)
DA-80-500 (pair of wide-band directional remote antennas)

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