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>Premium 28 mic/line input 4 bus mixer
>24 state-of-the-art mic pre-amps
   with 74dB of usable gain
>24 channel inserts (mic inputs)
>Switchable 100Hz low cut filters
  all mic inputs
>Switchable -20dB pad on all inputs
>Polarity reversal switch on all mic inputs 
>Individually switchable phantom power
>Four stereo mic/line inputs
>20 direct recording outputs
>4 sub-group outputs
>4 matrix outputs
>6 stereo aux send/returns
>4 band dual mid sweepable EQ
>Four band stereo EQ on line input channels
>EQ in/out (switchable)
>Solo & Mute switches all input channels
>4 segment LED meter on all inputs 
>100mm smooth action long wear faders
>Comprehensive master section with
  Pink noise and 1kHz tone generator
>Talk-back mic with mic routing matrix
>Rack mount power supply included with
  redundant back up power supply option

Max input level:
Mic +34dBu (pad in)
Line +34dBu
Max output level:
Main XLR +26dBu
Line +20dBu
Internal Headroom:
Channels +20dB
Mix  +22dB
Output Sens:
0VU = +4dBu XLR outputs
Master Meters:
12 segment -30 to+16dB
Channel Meters:
4 segment -12,0,+6 & +16dB
(5dB before clipping)
Frequency Response:
Mic CMRR at 1kHz >80dB
THD+ Noise @ +14dBu 1kHz 
Mic to mix out <0.003%
Crosstalk @ 1kHz >90dB
Noise RMS 22Hz-22kHz:
Mic input E.I.N -128dBu
Main & Chan fader @ unity
< -82dBu (86dB S/N)
Channel HPF 12dB/oct below 100Hz
Equalizer: Mono:
High       +/- 15dB, 12 kHz
High Mid+/- 15dB 500Hz-15kHz Q=1.8 (oct)
Low Mid +/- 15dB 35Hz–1kHz    Q=1.8 (oct)  
Low        +/- 15dB, 80 Hz
Equalizer: Stereo:
High       +/- 15dB, 12 kHz
High Mid +/- 15dB  2.5kHz Q=1.8 (oct)
Low Mid  +/- 15dB  250Hz  Q=1.8 (oct)
Low         +/- 15dB, 80 Hz
Mono Input:
XLR Balanced Sens -60dB-+14dB
TRS Balanced Sens -40dB-+14dB
Pad out Mic – 2k ohms
Pad in Mic/line – >10k ohms -20dB attenuation
Max input level +34dBu
XLR Phantom Power +48V switchable
Stereo Inputs:
TRS Balanced >10k ohms-16-+20dBu
Talk-back Mic:
XLR Balanced Sens -50dB to -10dB
2-Track Return:
TS unbalanced >4K ohm, -2dBu
2-Track Send:
TRS balanced >75ohms, -2dB
TRS (Tip send) (ring return) 0dBu
L, R, M Outputs:
XLR Balanced <75ohms +4dBu, +26dBu max
Group Out:
XLR Balanced <75ohms +4dBu, +26dBu max
Aux 1-6 Out:
TRS balanced <75ohms, -2dBu, +20dBu max
Direct Out:
TRS balanced <75ohms, 0dBu, +20dBu max
Matrix Out:
TRS balanced <75ohms, -2dBu, +20dBu max
Headphone Out:
TRS, Tip-L, Ring-R, 30-600ohm headphones
Monitor Out:
TRS balanced <75ohms, -2dBu, +20dBu ma
BNC Lamp Receptacle:
12V 5 watt x 4
Power supply:
110-240VAC, 50/60Hz / 90 watts
Outboard power supply 3U
(W) x 41.75”/1060mm
(H)  x 8.5”/215mm
(D)  x 24.8”/630mm
Weight: 52 lbs/23.6kg

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