CLASSIFIED: The Insider's Guide to 500 Spy Sites in London - USA/ROW

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As long as there are secrets, there will always be spies

Insatiable appetite for espionage? The unique CLASSIFIED: The Insider's Guide to 500 Spy Sites in London guide book lets you re-visit the world of the famous, infamous and little known real-life spies in the spying capital of the world. Your gateway to over 750 places to visit in London - an absolute must for anyone interested in espionage or intelligence.

Spies by their very nature are inconspicuous and so are the places they live and work. You could know a spy for years and never realize they have a secret agenda, let alone what that might be! Spies fade into the background, go unnoticed, slip in and out and are gone before anyone's the wiser. This is why spies - our spies, the spies we know and love and dream about becoming - are far more interesting than their fictional counter-parts.

Ever wondered where secrets were passed while sipping drinks or where the balance of history was discussed in a hotel lounge? Visit the locations in London where this actually DID happen. Open this book and discover the secret London where spies and their advisories plied their trade.

Besides the obvious locations such as MI5 and MI6 headquarters on the River Thames, CLASSIFIED allows you to venture to the least known haunts used by the Services in over 100 years of intelligence collection, planning and operations. Places where iconic figures such as MI6’s first Chief Sir Mansfield Cumming carefully controlled his network of agents, tapped on the shoulder of would-be spies in the recruiting clubs of London, and then had dinner with other famous officers.

To most people, buildings are just anonymous flats, houses and offices scattered around London. But for those fascinated with the secret world of spies and the work of the intelligence services, they are places of mystery, intrigue and skulduggery. Visit the real spy locations and read the history where both domestic and foreign spies lived, worked, played and died - all brought together in this unique book.

Large format soft back book measuring 210 x 270mm (8.5 x 11 inches), 550 pages and over 1,900 full colour images.

Ten years of research - CLASSIFIED: The Insider's Guide to 500 Spy Sites in London - available now.

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