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SKU: EH12562 $90.00
A will instructs legal representatives on how to administer a deceased's estate at time of death.

1. Client works with an assigned team member.
2. Client completes online client questionnaire.
3. Process times may take longer for overnight purchases.

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Special 1: At the time of probating the purchased Last Will and Testament, this Law Firm waives the representation Attorney Fee to handle the probate. So, a fee valued at $2000 or more would be free. Note: Payment of the court filing fee would still be required. The special is for a Texas probate only. No time limit. Send us an email at when it is time to probate.

Special 2: Receive one additional legal document for free. Note: Able to receive the additional legal document within 2 years from the Last Will and Testament purchase. Send us an email at when you are ready to obtain the free additional legal document.

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The files will be delivered within four business days after completing the online Client Questionnaire.