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Certificate of Formation

*Discounted bundle packages available. Starting at $150 per initial document and thereafter $50 per document for all documents in the same case or matter. Speak with your assigned team member for bundled packages.

SKU: EH12607 $150.00 per document
A filing with the Secretary of State to officially organize a business within the state.

1. An initial conflict of interest check is conducted. Conflict of interest exists when parties on different sides of a contested legal matter are advised by the same Attorney.
2. Refunds will be made if one party is already being advised by the Attorney.
3. Client works with an assigned team member who will conduct a consultation.
4. Client completes an online Client Questionnaire to determine the document needed.
5. Questionnaire will be emailed within 2 hours of purchase.

Delivery is within 4 business days of completed Client Questionnaire per document purchased.