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L-lysine Powder

SKU: $39.75
A source of B Complex vitamins that may help with symptoms associated with soreness in performance horses.

Recommended Amount: Feed 1 oz. scoop per day, starting five days before race (1 ounce scoop provided)

Ingredient: L-lysine


Customer Testimonials:


I just wanted to thank you for telling me about L-lysine. have had Harley for over two years. He was always irritable when I would pet or brush him. He always shook his head and sneezed when I first started riding him. Then last year the head shaking got really bad. My vet said he had head shaking syndrome. I called and talked to Don he asked if he was body sore and I asked what do you mean. He said when you brush him does he flinch and pin his ears. Yes he always has. He said he has herpes. Not the bad kind. Told me to check his gums for white bumps and there they were. Been on L-lysineor a month. Harley is Great !!! Loves to be brushed and petted. Is riding and running barrels better than every. Can't believe the difference in the way he acts.

Donna W. - 2011