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Skin Care Systems

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1a.     Mild Corrective System

1a. Mild Corrective System

This professional skin care system is for anyone who is experiencing occasional breakouts of Acne. These breakouts are 1-3 times a month. When they breakout, the pimples or Acne is in the T-Zone area. The skin is normal to moderately oily.
1b.     Severe Corrective System

1b. Severe Corrective System

This Professional skin system is for someone who has a more pronounced case of Acne.They breakout every few days and when they breakout the Acne covers a large portion of the facial skin. The Acne tends to be in clusters.
1c.     Revitalizing System

1c. Revitalizing System

This system does NOT address an acne problem. This kit is designed for people who wish to work on toning the skin, overall discoloration and blotching.
1d.     Shaving and Skin System

1d. Shaving and Skin System

This kit is for anyone who has a problem with ingrown facial hair and razor bumps. The Shaving Kit can be used regardless of the method used of hair removal.
1e.     Corrective Body Kit

1e. Corrective Body Kit

This system is for the discoloration that occurs on the Body.It works on smoothing the roughness, softening the skin.It lightens the darkened areas left from scars, blemishes, Chicken-Pox.This kit contains 5 products.
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