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Bloch #S0473 "Phantom" Tan Canvas Jazz Shoe

SKU: $45.00
Reflects Shape of the foot holding shoe firmly to foot. Combination of Tan suede and rubber outsole allows for spin without slipping. Features: Stretch canvas upper with elasticated binding Reflects contours of the foot, enhancing the arch Combination suede/rubber split REVOLUTIONARY moldable suede front sole for feel-the-floor action, allows spins when turning up but brakes when flat Forefoot design provides excellent slide and controlled grip We all like our dance shoes to fit a certain way and so it differs from person to person. Some prefer it fitted whilst others prefer a more generous fit. In respect of our BLOCH products this is a guideline only. Due to the nature of their design and purpose, jazz shoes should fit comfortably snug, sock-like, much like a pair of ballet flats. As all our jazz shoes are made of soft leather we recommend ordering them to your true size or size smaller to your regular shoe size. Remember, leather naturally gives over time so with wear, your jazz shoes will stretch around your pressure points making them feel a little bit bigger and wider.
Category:Shoes, Lyrical, Jazz

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