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Bloch #S0361 Respect Tap Shoe

SKU: $114.00
Classic Oxford tap shoe with leather upper and full leather outsole. Classic Oxford-style leather tap shoe suitable for stagecraft, character or ballroom with leather upper and full leather outsole. Durable, comfortable and stable, Respect features a leather sole and BLOCH Shockwave Taps. Premium all leather upper and full sole tap shoe with stitched in heel counter for greater stability Non-slip Pro Balance rubber pad under the ball of foot next to the front toe tap provides secure grip to prevent slipping and levels the sole for better balance Straight leather stacked heel for extra heel weight tone Firm toe puff retains shoe shape and protects toes BLOCH's shockwave taps that are secured to a resonating board for a deeper sound Soft Kashmir lining for comfort and reduced moisture Cushioned insole gives comfort and shock absorption Notched collar at heel to reduce pressure on Achilles tendon Sizing Information & Suggestions Start with same to 1/2 size up from street shoe.
Category:Shoes, Tap

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