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Just pick out the No-Sweat vent pad you'll be needing, (Click on the Model or Size over at the left) place your order, and your very own Genuine, Original Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad will be on its way!


The suggested saddle pads above are only suggestions.  For the proper fit for your new No-Sweat vent pad, please measure your saddle pad before ordering.

We usually ship within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Thank you for getting your new No-Sweat vent pad! You and your horses will love it!!

... and no more saddle-pad washing, either.  Ever.

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Click on the "ALL PRODUCTS" button over at the top of the column on your left, and you'll see all the No-Sweat sizes and prices on one page!!


>  Don't Forget to Measure Your SADDLE PAD!!  <

It's not your saddle you measure—it's your SADDLE PAD!!

Open your saddle pad all the way on a flat surface. The floor will do; so will a table or a truck bed.

Use a tape measure, yardstick, or a ruler.

Measure the length of your saddle pad (from pommel to cantle)

Measure the width of your saddle pad (from stirrup to stirrup)

Select the No-Sweat that is just larger than your saddle pad.

Order that one!! It'll fit. Guaranteed!

Link to "How To Measure"



Thanks again, and ... welcome to Dixie, y'all!