Jumpstart Your Day Productivity Set, 3 Training Videos Plus The Jumpstart Booster Planner Set Option 3

SKU: JSPTS $457.00
Ready To Walk Into Your Business Like A Boss? If you're ready to take control of your productivity, this notepad is for you. Stay focused on the top three goals and daily tigger systems that you need as the CEO to be on task and productive. The Jumpstart Your Day Productivity Kit is the only Childcare Specific Task System For Accomplishing Your Day and Operating On Point! The set includes: 7*10 Jumpstart Your Day Note Pad “The Ultimate Task Management System” 49 Sheets 1 11*18 Jumpstart Week At A Glance Goal Booster and Calendar 3 3” x 3” Adhesive sticky note pads with 50 sheets each.

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