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Davis Football Jig, 1/2 oz, Grass Craw

SKU: 83016 $4.59
William Davis, founder of Davis Baits, quickly picked up on the need to develop a football jig as a system, working with the concept of a wide head design but partnered with better hook. Thus, he created a bait that takes advantage of the strengths of the various components.he most prominent characteristic of theavisootball Jig is the wide-gap Mustad hook which truly sets theavisootball Jig apart from others.he wide gap hook allows for more hookups as the bait is drug across the bottom with the hook/trailer combo standing up off the bottom.ommon football jigs do not utilize the wide gap hook style and are therefore susceptible to a bass mouthing the bait and having the hook pulled free on the hookset.he wide-gap Mustad allows the angler to utilize a sweeping hookset while ensuring the hook will consistently roll to the side and bury in the corner of the fish mouth, resulting in an increased hookup percentage when compared to normal jigs. Hook Weight: 1/2 oz. Color. Awesome.


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