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Davis Elite Swim Jig, 3/8 oz,

SKU: $4.49
The brainchild of William Davis, Founder and Owner of Davis Bait Company, the Davis Elite Swim Jig been carefully customized to meet-and-exceed the needs of all anglers. Designed to get on plane quickly, the Davis Elite Swim Jig features a specially shaped head that keeps the jig balanced and provides the weedguard with precisely the right angle to protect the hook point. Built to handle abuse from big bass, the Davis Elite Swim Jig is covered in a super-durable, chip resistant finish. Behind the head, the Davis Elite Swim Jig features a premium silicone skirting and a barbed baitkeeper that locks soft plastics in place while you're working through thick cover. Backed by a super-sharp Ultra Point hook, the Davis Elite Swim Jig delivers professional-grade performance that you can count on when the money is on the line. Hook Weight: 3/8 oz.


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