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Tow and Collect Paddock and Pasture Cleaners

Great for Equine and Alpacas Breeders Offering Tine and Adjustable Hopper Length for Short or Tall Grass, Great for Quick Clean Up Sporting Events

Paddock Vacuum Cleaner

Now Available From Danzig Bros LLC

Paddock Vacuum

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Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums

Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums
The Very Best and Most Reliable Paddock Vacuum In The Business. Very Healthy For The Equine And Alpaca Farms.
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Equine Cold Water Spa

Equine Cold Water Spa

Odyssey Equine Cold Salt Water Spa, Bring the Sea to the horse. More recently the therapies that have been recognized as beneficial for the rehabilitation of human athletes have become available for the equine athlete with impressive results.
Horse Exerciser Odyssey Performance Limited Starting at $18,000

Horse Exerciser Odyssey Performance Limited Starting at $18,000

Horse Exercisers are designed for maximum training efficiency and safety, Training horses to peak performance or carefully rehabilatating injured animals. Starting Price $18,000 Call For Quotes and Details
Lambda Pro Solarium

Lambda Pro Solarium

Infra-Red (IR) Therapy is gaining popularity as a safe method of natural health care and physiotherapy for both humans and horses. These specially designed Equine Solariums use a system of multiple large red lamps emitting Infra-Red (IR) rays.
Track & Ring Pull Behind

Track & Ring Pull Behind

Home/Equipment Solutions/Track & Ring Conditioner/Track & Ring Pull Behind The Track and Ring Conditioner Pull-Behind Model is a very flexible unit. You don’t have to incur the cost of a tractor to have a well maintained track or ring.
Trafalgar Paddock Vaccum PC 500 Paddock Vacuum

Trafalgar Paddock Vaccum PC 500 Paddock Vacuum

Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums, The Very Best In The Business, Manufacturing Now Over 15 Years. The Original Paddock Vacuum. Very Reliable, Simple To Operate. 2 Year Warranty On The Honda Engine 5 Year Warranty On The Bin
Trafalgar PC 1000 Paddock Vacuum

Trafalgar PC 1000 Paddock Vacuum

Trafalgar PC 1000, This Unit Holds 1000 Litres of Manure, Pine Cones, Leaves and Waters, you name This is for Large Volume Equine and Alpacas Farms. Great Unit, Very Reliable Simple to Operate. Great Warranty
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