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Equine Cold Water Spa

SKU: 0317 $75,000.00
Odyssey Equine Cold Salt Water Spa Cold has been used as a form of therapy on athletic injuries since the beginning of time. Horseman have been taking their horses to the therapeutic properties of the sea for as long as horses and man have worked together. More recently the therapies that have been recognized as beneficial for the rehabilitation of human athletes have become available for the equine athlete with impressive results. What Can We Treat with Equine Hydrotherapy? Tendon and ligament injuries Laminitis or Founder Fractures and Splints Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease Wounds, Post –Surgical sutures and swelling Skin conditions and infections, Sore shins, Poor hoof growth, Concussion injuries,Hydrotherapy sessions before and after competition help reduce the chance of injury.Equine spa cold water therapy works using four basic principles; temperature, depth of water, salt concentration and aeration. Cold causes cells to require less oxygen to function so that further cell damage is not caused by a potential lack of oxygen at the injured site. Cold reduces the amount of fluid that accumulates at the injured site causing a reduction in swelling. Cold numbs therefore reduces pain Water places pressure, the greater the depth of the water, the greater the pressure. Pressure aids in the dispersal of accumulated fluids, thereby reducing swelling. High Salt concentration replicates the effect of the sea, drawing fluid, reducing inflammation and promoting healing The aeration of the water increases the amount of oxygen in the water which is thought to aid in the healing process. It also provides a massaging action which not only aids in the dispersal of accumulated fluids but produces a relaxing effect on the horse. Horses stand more quietly in moving water than in still water. Body and mind are healed during the therapy. Odyssey Performance’s Equine Cold Salt Water Spa is a new design we have developed with all parts available in North America, which means no waiting for shipments from Europe. This is an exceptional unit and we feel it will change the North American market for Hydrotherapy Spas. Easy to use control panel Press button controls - No more manual valves to turn. Strongest and heaviest Spa on the market today. Hand crafted in North America Open design - less claustrophobic for the horses. Patented mechanically bonded liner for years of durability Call Danzig Bros LLC For Spec's and Questions 888-350-9114