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Corsair Leader - Vassal

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PDF Rulebook

Corsair is based on the Hornet Leader II game system, and adds many flavorful changes that bring out the unique feel of WWII combat in the Pacific. In this game, you get to select a mix of 12 aircraft to command. You can select from F4U fighters, SBD light bombers, B-25 medium bombers, and B-17 heavy bombers in your attempt to win the Solomon Island campaign. There are two campaigns included, one for the early Solomon campaign from late 1942 to mid-1943, and the late Solomon campaign from mid-1943 to early 1944.

Selecting a good set of aircraft at the start of the campaign, as well as sending the proper aircraft on each mission is vital to success.

Free Demo and Full Game All In One:

As part of our new system, the free demo game and the full game are all combined into one file. This means you only need to download one file.

Once you download the Vassal file, you can play the demo for free. If you like the game, you can then purchase it to receive the registration code to unlock the full game.

Key Points:

- Corsair Leader is a solitaire game. No opponents needed!
- Based on the Hornet Leader II system.
- Many tactical options added for Over Target combat.
- Command a mix of aircraft types.
- Each mission can be played in under 30 minutes.

Component List:
- Built-in Tutorial and Help Windows
- 78 Full Color cards
- One Sheet of Full Color counters
Target Audience:

This is a great game for air combat fans, WWII fans, and solitaire gamers. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

What is a Vassal Game?

Vassal games use the Vassal Game Engine to play games on your computer using a "virtual tabletop". Vassal games do not know the rules for how to play a game. You click and move the game pieces on your desktop as if you were playing on a tabletop. If you are playing with other players, they will see your moves and die rolls on their computer, but only you can see your hand of cards.