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Marine Air- Expansion- PDF

SKU: $19.99
Marine Air Expansion Rules

Marine Air is an expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system. To use this expansion you must own Hornet Leader II. Ownership of Carrier Air Group and Cold War are also highly recommended.
This Expansion is only available in PDF format. It is not available in Vassal format.
This expansion adds the Marine AV-8 Harrier jump jets, many new pilots for the existing aircraft types, a new campaign, and "Ace" level campaigns for all the previous campaigns. Ace campaigns are designed to be a challenge for even the most experienced Hornet Leader players.

Key Points:
- Marine Air is a solitaire game expansion. No opponents needed!
- Adds the AV-8 Harrier and the rules for Marine Air Support campaigns.
- Command a mix of aircraft types.
- Each mission can be played in under 30 minutes.

Component List:
- Built-in Tutorial and Help Windows
- 62 Full Color cards
- Full Color counters

Target Audience:
This is a great game for air combat fans, modern war fans, and solitaire gamers. Recommended for ages 12 and up.