The DVG Office will be closed 11/19-12/4 for order shipment!

Kevin and Sarah will be on their Honeymoon in this time.

Orders will not be filled in this time frame, so get your orders in now!!! Emails and orders will be dealt with in the order they were received upon their return. Thank you for your patience and understanding :)

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Corsair Leader Miniatures

SKU: DV1-040C $69.99
F2A Buffalo x3
F4F Wildcat x4
TBD Devastator x3
SBD Dauntless x3
B-25 Mitchell x2
P-38 Lightning x4
F4U Corasair x6
TBF Avenger x3
SB2C Helldiver x3
F6F Hellcat x4
Ki43 Oscar x3
AM6 Zero x4
B5N Kate x3
D3A Val x3
G4M Betty x2
Ki84 Frank x3
Ki61 Tony x3