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Cold War- Expansion- Vassal

SKU: $14.99
Cold War Expansion Rules

Cold War is an expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system. To use this expansion you must own Hornet Leader II. Ownership of Carrier Air Group is also highly recommended.
This expansion adds several new types of aircraft including the A-7 Corsair II and RA-5c Vigilante. Two new WWIII campaigns are included: Atlantic 1980 and Mediterranean 1980. Also included are 2 new F-14 Tomcat pilots, and 2 new A-6 Intruder pilots.
This expansion also adds more 2 Promotion levels of cards for each of the pilots from Carrier Air Group. This gives you a huge number of possible squadron pilot and aircraft selections!

Key Points:
- Cold War is a solitaire game expansion. No opponents needed!
- Play high stress campaigns against the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact during World War III of 1980.
- Command a mix of aircraft types.
- Each mission can be played in under 30 minutes.

Component List:
- Built-in Tutorial and Help Windows
- 81 Full Color cards
- Full Color counters

Target Audience:
This is a great game for air combat fans, modern war fans, and solitaire gamers. Recommended for ages 12 and up.