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For What Remains: Blood On The Rails

SKU: 13A $69.99
Fast, dynamic gameplay that combines the best of wargames and skirmish combat games.
Plays in 45 - 60 minute.s
2-player competitive play or solitaire play.
Richly detailed post-apocalyptic setting and backstory.
Campaign play with character progression.
Modular game board tiles that can be combined for nearly limitless battleground configurations.

Each of the three core games can stand alone, or you can combine them. Each game comes with two factions and features a set of double-sided game tiles that are thematically linked to the game's campaign storyline. The tiles in each of the core games can be combined with the tiles from the other core games for an almost limitless number of battleground configuration options. In addition, while each campaign provides its own storyline, there is an overarching story that begins in STREETS OF RUIN, continues in BLOOD ON THE RAILS, and then ends in OUT OF THE BASEMENT.

Echo Faction Guide

Echo Force Roster

Soldiers of Light Faction Guide

Soldiers of Light Roster

Scenario "Enemy of My Enemy"

The Orders Chart

FWR Blood on the Rails Rulebook in Spanish