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For every Order containing Sponge Bars, you will receive a sponge bar pusher.

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Space Saving Yarn Trees

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Our Floor Model Yarn Trees are always a wonderful choice. They measure approximately 28”x80” when loaded with yarn. They include:

-A solid birch stand with adjustable floor levelers for strength, beauty and leveling ease.

Model 56 Holds 56 cones, 10.5" Diameter cones. Model 72 Holds 72 cones 8" in Diameter cones. Model 88 Holds 88 cones 6.5 inches in Diameter cones. Model 104 Holds 104 cones 5.5" inches in Diameter cones. -A basswood main drum assembly for lightness, neat appearance, and non-slivering. The 1/2" x 7" birch dowels for holding the yarn cones are rounded off on the ends.

-An enclosed ball bearing on which the rotating drum turns very easily, giving access to all the yarn cones, even if placed in a corner.