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4. Intermediate Music Workbook

SKU: $84.99 $64.99 You Save: 24%

If you're looking to advance your skills in music past the beginner's level, this book will help you add more techniques and tools to your repertoire. You'll become a more accomplished musician as you learn system methods, structures, and terminology. With this program, you can cater to your own style of learning, whether you like a class or private educational environment. As you master the intermediate lessons, you can transition into advanced instruction that's also included in this book.

Each book includes lessons on:

Fingering Systems
Major and Minor Scales
Writing Measures
Italian Words and Meanings
Inverted Mordent
tr. (Trills)
Majors and Minor Chords
Musical Signs
Music Structure
Intervals and Inversions
Writing Drills and Assignments
Category:Music Books