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2000-2010 Throwback T-Shirt

SKU: 3600/MAROON $20.99
Throw it back to your glory days with a shout out to DJ Greenup, Oldies Night, Preacher Rick and Ethernet cords that just never stretched far enough. Special Props given to Brooke Adams for her assembly of Central experiences we all remember (or don't). Part of the proceeds will be donated to the CMU Student Emergency Fund. This shirt is 100% ring spun cotton from Next Level. Limited time product-available until 9/30/2020 Front says: "FIRED UP" above "FOREVER" Back says: CENTRAL__________________________________________________________ You can finish this lyric: “It’s 3 in the morning; whatcha gonna do?...” You didn’t worry about your mom seeing your party photos on Facebook. You had a flip phone but also relied on your 20 ft. ethernet cord & dorm phone. You pour one out for Kaya, U Cup, Lil’ Chef, SBX, The (original) Store & Boomers. The soundtrack of you college years is now played at Oldies Night. You’ve been yelled at by Preacher Rick and still wonder about Can Man Jim. Jesus Dogs saved you more than once. You had a LeFevour. You survived the golden age of Reggae Fest and Tailgate. You drove the right way down Main Street. You still don’t know Brenda. You could pay $2 for a cab ride and $1 for a movie. Your idea of a craft cocktail was Bellringer or Island Park Iced Tea. YOU HAD THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! ______________________________________________________________2000s
Category:Fired Up Forever