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1990's Throwback T-shirt

SKU: 3600/MAROON1990 $20.99
CENTRAL, You told the cops "That police car was already flipped over and on fire when we got here!" You paid the H&R delivery guy with a personal check. You signed up for a credit card in the Towers because you wanted a clean T-shirt. You went to Lil' Chef to sober up after Oldies Night at the Wayside. You got your parents to take you out to dinner at The Embers. You went The Blackstone for Bloody Marys and Karaoke. You watched the football team beat MSU back-to-back in '91 and '92. You listened to The Verve Pipe's "The Freshmen." You registered for classes on a landline phone using the STAR system. Malt Shop pizza at 2 a.m. was the best food ever. YOU HAD THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! 1990s
Category:Fired Up Forever