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UNILENS16233, Tekya Double Advantage Liquid Lens Screen Protector

SKU: UNILENS16233 $39.99 $29.99 You Save: 25%

This Screen Protector includes up to $150 warranty for your cracked screen on a phone or tablet while it’s protected by our TekYa Double Advantage Liquid Glass. The one-year limited warranty covers up to $150 for repairs when you register your device at The screen protector works with any size LCD screen, protecting from scratches and smudges for up to 1 years, and we recommend applying a new protector after one year of normal use.

  • Invisible Screen Protection With Nano Technology
  • Nano Ultra-Clear Scratch Guard
  • Works With Smart Tablets Of All Sizes
  • Protects From Scratches, Abrasions, Grease, Etc
  • Fingerprint Resistant
  • Crystal Clear High Definition
  • Ultra-Thin Protection With Glossy Finish
  • Easy To Apply
  • No Bubbles or Fitting Issues