Happy Father's Day


At your request, the card (pictured above) can be mailed to someone you love.

Did you know parenting is a verb found in the dictionary? In fact, a quick Google search results in the following definition: “To be or act as a mother or father to someone.” Synonyms include “raise, bring up, look after, take care of, and rear.”

Interestingly, neither the definition nor the synonyms suggest a biological connection is required to be a parent. Of course, many of us are incredibly grateful for our mothers and fathers, but think about the kind neighbor, coach or teacher who shaped you into the person you are today.

More than 150 years ago St. Daniel Comboni knew he wanted to dedicate himself to the mission of Central Africa. Through the love, encouragement, and deep faith in God from his parents, St. Daniel came to love Jesus and all His people. While traveling St. Daniel wrote a letter to his parents:

“You were not physically here to accompany me in the Holy Places, but I was always with you in spirit, so much so that I did not take a single step without imagining that I was with you in this, my religious pilgrimage.” Writings of St. Daniel Comboni #27.

What will you do this year to honor that special parental figure in your life? Will you take them out for brunch? Buy them a new tie or scarf? The Comboni Missionaries wish to offer you a different option. Why not give the gift of prayer? Simply return the reply form and we will celebrate these extraordinary people in a novena of Masses. If your mother and/or father are already in Heaven, allow us to pray in thanksgiving for their life on earth.

We invite you to join us as we pray for all fathers. Together, may our prayers bring love and joy to you and your family.

In God’s Peace,

Fr. Ruffino Ezama, mccj Mission Director
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